Friday, September 5, 2014

Eco-Friendly Friday: Wedding Finds

It's official, I am obsessed with searching Etsy and Pinterest for eco-friendly finds. There are so many awesome products out there. This week I found a bunch of great wedding pieces that would pair nicely with a fall wedding. Check them out for yourself!

How amazing are these acorn and seashell candles by Less Candles? This shop is full of handmade candles and fire starters that are made out of reused and natural materials. I can't get over how creative of an idea this is! Way to be eco-friendly!

Weddings Favors and More is a shop full of wedding supplies. These two items are my faves. I think the flower girl bags would be perfect for a fall wedding full of leaves.

So I have seen flowers made out of paper before but not men's boutonnieres. These two are made out of vintage maps which makes them even cooler. They are perfect for a DIY wedding. This shop has a few different version of these flowers. Check out the one made out of a comic book!

I am loving these tree branch coasters. I think they would look awesome with candles on them for table decor. They would pair nicely with this tea light candle holder and some flowers. 

Want a unique send off or eco-friendly favors? Forget about the rice and candy, try plantable confetti. Fancy That Loved has a bunch of colorful options. You can get all one color or a mix. How fun would it be to gather in an open field with friends and just start tossing these?! What an easy way to plant flowers!

Looks like I just planned a fall wedding or have a good start for one. I think fall weddings are the best. Maybe it's because mine was in the fall or I just love fall decor so much. What is your favorite wedding season?

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