Friday, August 1, 2014

Monthly Goal Results: June

In light of living more freely I am making one goal each month. The goals are meant to get me out of my comfort zone and open up to new things. Some goals may be vague where others will be more detailed and strict. Goals will be set the first of the month with a follow up post on the last day of the month. Feel free to join in! Work towards the same goal or share your own. Lets cheer each other on.
Umm, is June over with yet? Oh yeah, July has come and gone! Even though I didn't post it in a timely fashion, I did complete June's goal! June's goal was to make something inspired by my pins on pinterest. Something other than food. I originally planned to make some sort of home decor. Don't be surprised but I took a different path than originally planned.
We had little e's 1 year photo shoot coming up and I wanted to go with the theme of camping out slash tea party/picnic in the woods. Check out this pin board for where my inspiration came from. To go with this I made a simple, no sew version of this tee pee. It turned out great and now lives in our family room (so this counts as home decor, right?!).

Photography by: Brittany Eitsert Photography

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