Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Wedding Invite: Belly Band

I absolutely love the look of this country style wedding invitation. Plus I am a sucker for DIY weddings! Today I have a tutorial to help you achieve this country style look.  

5 x 7 Wedding invitation
5" x 1.375" brown burlap strip
1" cream ribbon cut to 10.5" in length
a few strands of raffia
double sided tape or fabric glue (I like to use tape for less mess)

1.  glue or tape ends of burlap strip to the invitation. 2. wrap ribbon around invite, on top of the burlap, and tape or glue in place. Ribbon should overlap in the back for a smooth seam. 3. wrap raffia around the burlap/ribbon layers and tie a bow. No need to glue or tape, raffia stays in place just by tying it. It also hides the seam nicely. 4. Admire your work.

Note: To keep the invite from getting too thick and bulky I cut the burlap to the exact width of the invite. Doubling the ribbon length to wrap around the whole invite helps smooth out the burlap and gives it a polished look.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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