Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today is...Art Journal

I am not sure where it came from but I got the strong urge to scrapbook. Crazy how those creative urges sneak up on you when you are most busy and trying to focus your energy elsewhere. Well it's here so I better embrace it.

I haven't scrapped since December and am not so sure about jumping right back to it. When I jump into scrapping I tend to buy a bunch of new, fresh supplies and then they sit. I do however have a ton of scraps I best use up. Maybe once my scraps are used up I will treat myself to new supplies.

The best way for me to use up my scrap stash is to create an art journal, something that requires small bits and pieces. Plus it doesn't take up as much time. I started a journal called Today Is... journaling my way through 2014. It was inspired by these Today Is posts. Each page will complete this phrase (Today is... creative) as to how the day is going. Easy enough! What are your favorite ways to use up scraps?

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