Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ready Set Actions

photo edited using Alice

I love Photoshop and must say my favorite feature is the actions window. Actions are a way to record a specific set of steps used to edit or alter a photo. Once recorded you can run it on other photos with just one click. You can make your own, find free ones online, or buy them. I have found a few websites with decent quality free actions but to get high quality ones you need to make them yourself or buy them. By high quality I mean once the action has been run you end up with different layers you can alter the intensity. Plus the action does what you would expect.

Recently I purchased the Fresh Collection by ABM. I bought it specifically to edit my daughter's 1st birthday photos. I was pleasantly surprised how well the actions worked and was impressed with the end results. I love that ABM show examples of each action so you can get a good idea of what you are buying. Once you purchase a set you also get a PDF explaining how to get the most out of the actions.

photo edited using Bridgette

photo edited using Pearl and White blur 1

We threw a beach party because Little E loves playing in the bathtub. Plus it was a great way to calm our spring fever. Winter in Wisconsin just doesn't want to go away. She now has plenty of beach toys for when the nice weather finally arrives.

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