Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monthly Goal: June

This months goal s inspired by my sister. She recently bought a house and has been making a bunch of items inspired by her pins on pinterest. I don't know about you but I have a habit of pinning lots of stuff and forgetting about them. I do make a lot of recipes and make use of crochet patterns found on pinterest but that's about it.
June's Goal: make something inspired by my pins on pinterest. Something other than food that is. I am not sure what direction I will take this but am leaning towards making use of my Home Style board.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Monthly Goal Results: May

Wow May really took me by storm. It was here and now it's gone. Remember at the beginning of the month how I set one goal? The goal was to get out of the house and take photos of the world around me. Specifically around the town I live in. Well I did it. Now that the weather is nice we are going on walks and enjoying some much needed time outside. Here are some of the photos I took.

This is one of my favorite buildings in town. I love the color, the signage, the rough edges, and the scenic area sign. The scenic area sign is funny because behind the fence is just overgrown grass. There is nothing scenic about it. I wonder if at some point (long time ago) there was a park or something scenic behind this fence, or it's just a joke (most likely).
Looking down the main street. I love towns that keep their dated look with old buildings. Old towns along the Mississippi River are the best. Truth.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today is...Art Journal

I am not sure where it came from but I got the strong urge to scrapbook. Crazy how those creative urges sneak up on you when you are most busy and trying to focus your energy elsewhere. Well it's here so I better embrace it.

I haven't scrapped since December and am not so sure about jumping right back to it. When I jump into scrapping I tend to buy a bunch of new, fresh supplies and then they sit. I do however have a ton of scraps I best use up. Maybe once my scraps are used up I will treat myself to new supplies.

The best way for me to use up my scrap stash is to create an art journal, something that requires small bits and pieces. Plus it doesn't take up as much time. I started a journal called Today Is... journaling my way through 2014. It was inspired by these Today Is posts. Each page will complete this phrase (Today is... creative) as to how the day is going. Easy enough! What are your favorite ways to use up scraps?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inspiration: Word Art

One of my favorite design elements to work with is typography. I just love it. I love the challenge of creating something more than just words. There is so much you can do with it. Tell a story. Treat it as art. Convey a feeling. The list goes on. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

1. Bright Idea
2. Loving this print by , from the actual words to the design
3. Love the idea of painting lyrics or a quote on large canvas for wall art. Big script art by Elise.
4. Love yourself! and give yourself a big ole hug. 
5. I created this one when we picked Lilacs. My house never smelled better!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Goals: May

I am a list making, goal setting crazy person (I say 'crazy' lightheartedly). I make lists and add items I've already done simply for the pleasure of crossing it off. I'm sure I do this because I know I won't finish the list before it gets tossed in the trash.

I made a point this year to lay off the list making and be happy with what I do get done. Lay off living by a list and live more freely. I do still make the occasional list, like pay the bills, grocery lists and weekly menus. Without these I would be lost.

In light of living more freely I am making one goal each month. The goals are meant to get me out of my comfort zone and open up to new things. Some goals may be vague where others will be more detailed and strict. Goals will be set the first of the month with a follow up post on the last day of the month. Feel free to join in! Work towards the same goal or share your own. Lets cheer each other on.

May's goal: get out of the house and take photos of the world around me. Specifically around the town I live in. It's amazing the things you notice when you slow down and take a closer look. This was inspired by our weekend walk.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Walk

Over the weekend the weather was actually pleasant so we went on a walk around town. I had to drag my camera along, of course. Even though I live in a small town there is lots to see. Every time I spot something new or see something in a new light.

Photos are edited using the Bridgette and August actions from The Fresh Collection by ABM. August is great for nature photography. The action really cranks up the orange and yellow tones which will be great for fall. For Spring just turn off the warm drench and warmer tones layers and tone down the sandy layer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Calligraphy Venture

I'm always looking for ways to expand my skill set, along with keeping my creativity fresh and fun. My newest venture is learning modern calligraphy. I'd love to include calligraphy in my wedding designs.

To start this goal I signed up for Molly Jacques online modern calligraphy course. It is through SkillShare. They have very reasonable pricing (compared to live workshops). You can pay a monthly membership of $9.95 or purchase unlimited access for $20.00 per class. So the membership option would be great if you planned on taking a bunch of different classes.

I specifically signed up for this class because Molly gives a nice list of tools to start with. Plus I like her style. She does a good job explaining the tools and then jumps right into writing the alphabet. The reviews for this class complain that the videos are too short and they can wiz right through them. I personally think the short videos are nice because you can watch a video and then spend time practicing. Which from what I gather calligraphy takes lots and lots of practice. 

Along with this class I bought this book. It does an awesome job going over all the different tools. It also has pages of templates of the alphabet with multiple ways to write each letter. Very helpful.

I want to give a shout out to all you lefties out there (me included). I was worried I wouldn't be able to do this simply because I am left handed. Ha! Plus I have bad handwriting and tend to smudge. So far I am proving myself wrong wrong wrong. Calligraphy is way different than writing. It's not about simply writing, it's about constructing shapes.