Friday, August 29, 2014

New Series: Eco-Friendly Friday

In honor of nature, I am starting a new Friday series called Eco-Friendly Friday. I'll be sharing lots of round-ups with wonderful eco-friendly inspired products, fun DIY's, nature inspired art and more. Get excited because I sure am! We are kicking the series off with a round-up featuring packaging products.

I am incredibly excited to have found this shop, White Paper Dragon. I am definitely going to order paper and envelopes to use for Thank You notes.

Le Box Boutique has lots of wonderful packaging products to choose from. The natural twine is my favorite as I could definitely use some.

How cool is this gift wrapping option from 100 crochet necklaces? I'm loving it, best of all it's eco-friendly!

That wraps up yet another week. I hope you all have an exciting, long weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

eitsart's history and timeline of events

With any good story there is a bit of history. So before we dive into eitsart's story lets begin with some background info (history). Back in 2010, I was big into arts and crafts. I experimented with all sorts of crafts (scrapbooking, embroidery, painting to name a few). Trying anything and everything really was my creative outlet. This experimental phase opened me up to the dream of opening an online shop to share my creations. eitsart was born.

eitsart (ahyts ahrt) is derived from my last name eitsert (which is German by the way). I always knew I wanted to incorporate my personal name into my brand. When I came up with the name I was testing the waters selling artwork and prints on etsy.  It felt right to mash my last name with the word "art".

In 2011 I really started to expand on this venture. I started focusing on freelance work. I went to college for Graphic Design and have always done a little work here and there for family and friends. It was time to branch out and explore this area some more. Freelance work opened up many doors for eitsart. Doors I never dreamed of, like designing and constructing DVD cases for a local videographer (that deserves a post of it's own).

In 2012 the eitsart esty shop was re-branded and migrated over to storenvy. It was also a featured seller over at Emmaline Bride. The shop now offers prints, wedding invitations, and CD/DVD cases. Soon it will offer baby announcements, party invitations, and other stationary products.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Monthly Goals: August

I had a hard time deciding on a goal for this month. There are just so many small and large things I'd love to accomplish. Ultimately I want to make more time to paint and experiment with watercolors. I love painting and it takes me back to my high school art class days. I had a great art teacher, he sure was tough on us but that molded me into the artist I am today.

August's Goal: experiment with paint, focusing on watercolors.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Monthly Goal Results: June

In light of living more freely I am making one goal each month. The goals are meant to get me out of my comfort zone and open up to new things. Some goals may be vague where others will be more detailed and strict. Goals will be set the first of the month with a follow up post on the last day of the month. Feel free to join in! Work towards the same goal or share your own. Lets cheer each other on.
Umm, is June over with yet? Oh yeah, July has come and gone! Even though I didn't post it in a timely fashion, I did complete June's goal! June's goal was to make something inspired by my pins on pinterest. Something other than food. I originally planned to make some sort of home decor. Don't be surprised but I took a different path than originally planned.
We had little e's 1 year photo shoot coming up and I wanted to go with the theme of camping out slash tea party/picnic in the woods. Check out this pin board for where my inspiration came from. To go with this I made a simple, no sew version of this tee pee. It turned out great and now lives in our family room (so this counts as home decor, right?!).

Photography by: Brittany Eitsert Photography

Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Wedding Invite: Belly Band

I absolutely love the look of this country style wedding invitation. Plus I am a sucker for DIY weddings! Today I have a tutorial to help you achieve this country style look.  

5 x 7 Wedding invitation
5" x 1.375" brown burlap strip
1" cream ribbon cut to 10.5" in length
a few strands of raffia
double sided tape or fabric glue (I like to use tape for less mess)

1.  glue or tape ends of burlap strip to the invitation. 2. wrap ribbon around invite, on top of the burlap, and tape or glue in place. Ribbon should overlap in the back for a smooth seam. 3. wrap raffia around the burlap/ribbon layers and tie a bow. No need to glue or tape, raffia stays in place just by tying it. It also hides the seam nicely. 4. Admire your work.

Note: To keep the invite from getting too thick and bulky I cut the burlap to the exact width of the invite. Doubling the ribbon length to wrap around the whole invite helps smooth out the burlap and gives it a polished look.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monthly Goal: June

This months goal is inspired by my sister. She recently bought a house and has been making a bunch of items inspired by her pins on pinterest. I don't know about you but I have a habit of pinning lots of stuff and forgetting about them. I do make a lot of recipes and make use of crochet patterns found on pinterest but that's about it.
June's Goal: make something inspired by my pins on pinterest. Something other than food that is. I am not sure what direction I will take this but am leaning towards making use of my Home Style board.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Monthly Goal Results: May

Wow May really took me by storm. It was here and now it's gone. Remember at the beginning of the month how I set one goal? The goal was to get out of the house and take photos of the world around me. Specifically around the town I live in. Well I did it. Now that the weather is nice we are going on walks and enjoying some much needed time outside. Here are some of the photos I took.

This is one of my favorite buildings in town. I love the color, the signage, the rough edges, and the scenic area sign. The scenic area sign is funny because behind the fence is just overgrown grass. There is nothing scenic about it. I wonder if at some point (long time ago) there was a park or something scenic behind this fence, or it's just a joke (most likely).
Looking down the main street. I love towns that keep their dated look with old buildings. Old towns along the Mississippi River are the best. Truth.